Range Creation and Management

Creating new product files and entire ranges in JBiz is particularly easy. While a new product code can be created from scratch, usually they are created using the Save As function. This creates a new unique code and applies all the relevant data from the old code such as cost, pricing, cubic measurement, weight, packaging, colour/size/style variants, description, rich description and technical information. JBiz does not take across barcodes and images to the new code as these cannot and do not apply.

By using the Save As function managers have been able to set up an entire new season’s clothing range in just a few hours. The productivity gain in speed and accuracy is very significant.

Managing product codes

JBiz administration tools give excellent access to all product code data and allow for easy editing and modification. Creating new variants is as simple as a few mouse clicks to make your selection from colour/size palettes and then either adding these to the existing variants or selecting to replace the existing variants.

JBiz functionality for creating and maintaining product codes is the elegant solution for high productivity in range management.