The JBiz Solution

What if, when you make a sale — whether you make that sale online or in the more traditional offline world — that information could flow throughout your system, updating sales records, marketing intelligence, financial records, logistics, forecasting and of course your management information systems?

The JBiz suite of products does precisely that.

Clients using JBiz enjoy “a single version of the truth” — a constantly updated flow of information that enables them to manage all aspects of their business, whether conducted through leading-edge commerce operations or traditional bricks and mortar stores.

As you might imagine, it takes serious time, imagination, thinking and indeed money to develop a product such as JBiz — which is why only New Zealand’s leading businesses have been able to benefit from the JBiz solution.

Until now.

Thanks to the development of “cloud computing” — a clever catchphrase that simply means a return to the old model of centralised computing systems — JBiz is now available to smaller and medium-sized businesses, in partnership with Accredo and its dealers throughout New Zealand.

Ongoing maintenance and updates are centralised, which means it’s possible to provide JBiz to these businesses in a very cost-efficient manner.

And costs are kept even lower by allowing smaller and medium businesses to choose just how many users they wish to access the system. Now businesses can start with just four users — and then add more as they grow.

We’ve adopted a model similar to that offered by our partners Accredo, with an affordable upfront installation fee (set on a per-user basis) and an ongoing subscription model to ensure all our customers have continuing access to the latest JBiz updates.

The JBiz Solution

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